Important system update

Download the updated PresentationOS 3.00 by October 31, 2021.


PresentationOS will be migrating its system to Amazon Web Services, making it safer, faster, and more reliable.


Better security

Version 3.00 is now hosted in Amazon Web Services, one of the most secure cloud platforms in the market with over 90 security standards.


Better scalability

The new version has strengthened cloud computing features that could easily handle your scaling needs.


Better performance

The upgraded version allows users to download, and access content faster than its previous version.

The benefits of hosting PresentationOS in AWS

  • Network isolation, advanced auditing, automatic software patching, among other solid safeguards and compliance standards, are in place to help protect data privacy and reinforce security.
  • Multi regional deployments and built-in fault tolerance ensure better availability and durability.
  • Storage cross-region replication, database high performance and availability allow better scalability without worrying about capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Nothing. All saved content will be cleared and will need to be downloaded again. 

A: There will be very minor changes on the interface.

A: You have until October 31, 2021 to update PresentationOS. After this date, you will need to download again all your previous content.

 A: Using another username to log-in will clear all your saved content. Make sure to log-in with your current username to avoid having to re-download all previously saved content. Please take precaution with time as downloading content may take hours depending on file size and internet speed.

A: Go to the Settings tab of PresentationOS, found on the lower right portion. It will show the email you have used to register as your username.

For any questions or inquiries, please write to us here: